Testimonials From Our Graduates 

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Lion Investigation Academy...    

"After obtaining a job in the field of Investigations, it was revealed to me that while other qualified candidates held the same criminal justice degree that I had, I was chosen because of my additional studies with Lion Investigation Academy, it will provide me in the ever growing field of investigative work".

--Ray Woodal Jr.

"My name is Ralph Marnetti and I am currently a private investigator and own my own Detective Agency for the past 9 years. I am also a retired 26 year veteran of the Pennsylvania State Police.

In the past two years I have taken two courses thru Lion Investigation Academy. Emergency Response to Terrorism and Master in Close Protection Course. I must say that I was impressed with both courses as I have utilized both in the past two years in my business. I wouldn't hesitate to refer someone to take any type of courses given by LIA. The courses are very informative and can be utilized in both law enforcement and the private sector."

--Ralph Marnetti P.I.

"The Lion Investigation Academy was a very positive force in my professional career as a Private Investigator and Director Joe Alercia was always at the top of his game. One of the main reasons that I now have my own Private Investigation business is due to the information and training provided by Lion Investigation Academy and the personal advice provided by Joe who is simply the best."

--Hon. JUSTICE Jeffrey Starr Mararian J.P., P.I.

Hope Investigations

"I am prior Army, current Force Protection Officer guarding the president of Afghanistan. Without the knowledge and insight I gained from taking your classes I would have never been picked for my current job. I have traveled as far as Kosovo to Iraq and further. After my wife rave about how wonderful your school and classes were I decided to give it a try, so I took your Master In Close Protection course an I must say it was the best thing I ever did. I should have taken it prior to enlisting in the Army, I am sure it would have prepared me for what I was about to face and it would have given me insight into the career path I have chosen. I can't begin to tell you how many times your course has helped me on the job. Thank you, this truly was the best decision I have ever made, I consider your course one of the finest courses on the face of the earth. In closing, I would like to thank you for all your help, support and outstanding academics."

--James T. Taggart


"As a professional educator with years of providing security and self-protection instruction to various city and county organizations, I wholeheartedly recommend Lion Investigation Academy for the best training and instruction in investigation, security, and close-protection. The academy's staff holds the highest credentials, experience, and professionalism in their field."

--Efrain Israel Ortiz, Ph.D

Graduate, LIA


"As a Private Investigations firm owner, wife and mother of three the idea of venturing out to further my formal education did not seen feasible. That idea became reality when I learned of a home study program offered by Lion Investigation, Bethlehem, Pa. Not only was I able to obtain my Associate in Specialized Technology in Private Investigation and Security but I did so within 15 months. These courses gave me the freedom to work on my education in the convenience of my own home at my own pace. The course material provided a broad array of topics relating to the Private Investigation and Security industry, which served as a "refresher" on information I already knew and as an "encyclopedia" on unfamiliar topics and studies. The instructors were professional, knowledgeable and prompt in providing graded coursework and answering questions. They never failed to provide positive and encouraging feedback. I am proud o my achievement and am fairly certain that if it weren't for the A.S.T. Degree Program offer by LIA my goal would still not be reached. If you were to ask me if I'd us LIA again I'd have to say without hesitation!."

--Christine S. Dimitroff


"As a twenty-five year public safety professional, I was pleased to "recharge my batteries" with Lion Investigation Academy, Advanced Security Officer training program. Often, managers and supervisors lose sight of the daily duties required for security patrol officers, and this class helped to solidify those ideas. In addition, I was able to suggest a few ideas for a future education program about law enforcement and security relations. In general, I would recommend this training class to new security officers and loss prevention supervisors."

--Rich Abrams

Event Security Specialist New Haven, CT


"I have taken the AST Degree Program from Lion Investigation Academy and found it to be of the highest caliber, not only did I study at home via the distant learning program but being a local resident Mr. Alercia allowed me to intern with him and his agency. The studies and the practical application with the American Detective Agency gave me immense experience and interest in this field of endeavor. I am pleased to announce that I now own my own company All Purpose Security and Surveillance.

Thank you again Lion Investigation Academy!"

--Jesse Werkheiser

"I am a former student of your A.S.T. degree program. Currently I am a MotorCycle Deputy with the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's office in Charlotte, NC. I ask that you send me another information package so I can post it at the Sheriff's Office for anyone that would be interested in taking your courses. Thanks to Lion Inestigation Academy I can say "I have a degree.""

--Melvin K. Burns (Motor #7)

Deputy Sheriff , Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office

...on preparing for investigative work:

"If a person will put forth an effort and do everything that is suggested in the course material, they will have a basic knowledge required to enter this field. I recommend this course to anyone seriously considering a career in private investigation."

--Mr. Robert D.Wilson

TW Investigations, Ltd

"Today there is a growing demand for qualified men and women to serve as private investigators, store detectives, process servers, and security consultants. Lion Investigation Academy provides a student the academic and technical knowledge needed for achieving total success. We are pleased to announce that your institution will be listed in "Detective Outlook" among our list of recommendations."

--Mr. Dale Scadron

Northwest Security Consultants

"I found the Lion Investigation Academy to be the best program to meet the real needs of today's modern detective. The lessons put me right in the field."

--Mr. Eric Lowenthal

Mid-West Detective Agency

...on the quality of the course material:

"Learning from the Lion Investigation Academy was one of the most influential and refreshing experience of my life. The courses really helped me in my present position as a Director of Operations at my own Private Security & Background Screening Agency. LIA offers some of the most inpeccable study material in the investigative & security field. I recommend LIA to any organization or individual that is looking to learn, enhance or advance their investigative & security skills."

Again,"impeccable study material"

--Eric Ivey, PPS, CPO,CSC,CLS, CMI

Prudent Protective Service, Inc.

Secuity Director, Tavern on the Green NY

"The training I received from Lion Investigation Academy (LIA) has helped in my abilities as a Director of Security, as a security professional and as a member of society. I have achieved the Certified Security Consultant Certification, the Master in Security Certification, and an Associated Degree in a Specialized Technology in Private Investigation and Security. It has given me confidence and knowledge to do a better job and to provide better security services to my company and to the people that I work with, know and live around. Thank you LIA for giving me the opportunities for growth that you have."

--Eric J. Sturdevant

"The program offers concise, easy to read, step-by-step instruction and reflects the knowledge that can only be developed through years of experience."

--Mr. Dale Scadron

Northwest Security Consultants

"Before becoming a Lion Investigation Academy student I had checked out other home-study investigation courses but none of them came close to having the amount of information and professionalism of Lionā€™s program. Lion Investigation Academy is the next best thing to learning investigative work firsthand with a professional investigator out in the field."

--Joseph Surace, Graduate

New Hampton, NY

"Good course material on the field of private investigations is next to impossible to find. The Lion Investigation Academy offers a well written and realistically presented educational opportunities to enter this field."

--Mr. Robert Wilson

TW Investigations, Ltd.

...on our personal interest in our students:

"I felt the methods of instruction employed by the Lion Investigation Academy staff were in the most professional manner. Personal contact with each student enhances the learning process."

--Mr. Charles Grant, Graduate

"I passed my State examination and have been issued my license to practice as a Private Detective in Wisconsin...I owe a great deal of thanks for your personal encouragement and your willingness to take the time to talk with me by phone."

--Mr. Robert D. Wilson

TW Investigations, Ltd.

"The course material and instruction were put forth in a very professional manner and the ability to speak directly with your staff at any time adds to the learning process."

--Mr. Rodney Owens, Investigator